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Beijing Tongzhou Church Releases Pastoral Helpline

Beijing Tongzhou Church Releases Pastoral Helpline

A telephone. A telephone.
ByZoe Zhang July 17, 2020
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In order to serve its congregation, a Beijing megachurch launched a telephone hotline for pastoral care during the lockdown.

If any member has any confusion about faith or life, needs prayer, and wants to give a testimony, a pastor will give answers. 

The registered churches in Beijing remain closed as a cluster of infections struck Beijing last month.

In addition, the church also opened a column of written testimonies to connect believers with each other. The topics cover personal faith rebirth experiences, individual guidance from God, and reflections on personal devotions. 

In early July, more than 300 believers attended the church’s online prayer meeting called "Drops of Water". The name indicates the church expects believers to gain heavenly strength through praise and prayers from God and to let streams of living water flow from within them.

- Translated by Karen Luo


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