Study Reveals Why Christian Voters Support Donald Trump

By M. Grace, April 10, 2018 20:04 PM

US President Donald Trump(Pixabay)

A new study titled "Make America Christian Again," has found a common denominator among Christian voters who chose Donald Trump and remained supportive of him despite countless controversies and scandals.

The study pointed to Christian nationalism as the key. According to it, the ideology fueled the American Revolution. While Christian nationalism is present in American history, today's ideology is considered more aggressive and it aims to restore America as a nation of Christians. And those who embrace this belief  are Trump voters and supporters.

The study was conducted from February 2 to March 24 of last year and used data from the Baylor Religion Survey. Experts have collected information from 1,501 adult Americans across the country to identify six statements about the separation of the church and state.

Experts said that when Trump provide position to evangelical leaders in his board, the won the votes of Christian nationalists.

"For Christian nationalists, the end goal is a society that favors Christianity in various aspects and at a number of institutional levels," study author Andrew Whitehead told Huffington Post. "How that project is achieved is of little consequence to them. They believe God can use anyone, 'even a thrice married, non-pious, self-proclaimed public playboy,' as we say in the paper," he said.


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