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Respected Chinese Preacher Dr. Hay Chun Maak Dies at 91

Respected Chinese Preacher Dr. Hay Chun Maak Dies at 91

Rev. Dr. Hay Chun Maak and his wife Rev. Dr. Hay Chun Maak and his wife(Rev. Dr. Hay Chun Maak)
ByRuth Wang January 29, 2021
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Rev. Dr. Hay Chun Maak, honorary chairman of the Chinese Coordination Center for World Evangelism, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 91 and after 72 year’s ministry. 

Maak’s friends and relatives released the news on his official Facebook page, remembering him with Revelation 14:13.

Born in Guangzhou in 1930, Rev. Maak grew up in Hong Kong. Immediately after being baptized at 14, he began to serve God by opening a Sunday school in his home. Devoting his life to evangelism, he said that he was called to be a missionary pioneering in evangelism and church planting. After graduation from Bethel Bible Seminary in Hong Kong, he began his mission journey in southeastern Asia. 

Serving as the president of Singapore Bible College from 1978 to 1992, he had more than 40 years’ experiences in foreign missions. Maak also acted as the secretary general of the Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism from 1996 to 2001. 

His biography, Growth of A Worker: Sixty Years of Hay Chun Maak, tells the story of his experiences and ministry

Realizing the importance of online ministries, in 2014 the late pastor shared spiritual resources through a website to train more workers, with the assistance of his daughter Deborah Maak. 

Maak published his teachings on his official website, including Happy Life and Bright Life. The DVDs of Last Words were complied according to his past course to spread the main points of his teaching worldwide.  

Returning from Canada to Hong Kong at the end of November 2014, the pastor preached his last Sunday message on living out one’s potential life in this present life. 

After his death, his wife shared a video clip on his gratitude for 65 years of ministry. The pastor said in the video, “Since 1949, my wife and I have been called to serve the Lord for 65 years...Normal people would say the time is neither long nor short, but I’m a bit different... The 65 years is really long...but they passed by so quickly... We are endlessly grateful for our 65 years of being called...”

The video ended with an excerpt from a Chinese hymn named “This Road”: “The Happiest Path I Have Walked is a Path of Following You/ The Happiest Path I Have Walked is the Path of Trusting You/I Have My Horizon Broadened When I Sacrifice Myself/Letting Go of My Desires, I Feel More Reliable When I Let Go.”

Her wife added in her remarks, “This year it has been 72 years since Rev. Maak was called to ministry. Let’s give eternal thanks.”

- Translated by Karen Luo


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