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A Kenyan Pastor Asks for Help for Orphans

A Kenyan Pastor Asks for Help for Orphans

Children waited in line for food in Nyansakia Public Primary School in Kisu County, Kisumo City, Kenya in September 2021. Children waited in line for food in Nyansakia Public Primary School in Kisu County, Kisumo City, Kenya in September 2021. (Pastor Onkoba Mswali Vincent)
ByPastor Onkoba Mswali Vincent December 09, 2021
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Dear Most Respected in Christ in China, 

Holy Greetings to you from Ecclesia Christian Church Kenya and Esther Orphans Children Centre.

My name is Pastor Onkoba Mswari and I am married to my lovely wife Alice, and we are deeply committed to serving Christ through our home and church. In 2003, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. In the year 2004, while attending a revival meeting, I received a call to Christian ministry. Uncertain which area of ministry God would have for me, I began to seek godly wisdom. In the year 2005, I once again felt the Lord clarifying my calling to pastoral ministry. We started Ecclesia Christian Church in our house with three members, we thank God that today we have 260 members with two sister congregations and my hope is to deeply know Christ and passionately make Him known. 

In Kenya, there are so many churches. This is a reflection of the freedom of worship that is enshrined in Kenya's constitution. The territory of today's Kenya is inhabited by 43 tribes. The Christian churches in Kenya are strong have repeatedly spoken out and acted against the mismanagement and corruption of political leaders and contributed to the democratic changes.

Regarding Christianity in Kenya, it is the predominant religion in Kenya which is estimated to constitute 80% of the total population. Islam is the second-largest religion in Kenya at 10% of the population, other faiths practised in Kenya are Buddism, Hinduism, and traditional religions. Christianity was introduced in Kenya by missionaries in the 20th century.

The challenges to Christianity are:

  1. Persecutions from Islamic groups and as a result many Christians have been killed.

  2. The emergency of cults that practice ungodly activities.

  3. The emphasis on materialism by the churches

  4. Conflicts amongst churches

  5. Poor interpretation of the Bible, as many preachers lack proper training.

The feeding children program is a targeted social safety net that provides both educational as well as health-related benefits to needy and vulnerable children. The feeding program has so many positive impacts on the community as it promotes the health and development of children, it also promotes higher school attendance and reduces the rate of dropouts, and it provides support to the Children's parents and guardians who are not able to provide food to their children. We are doing a feeding program in Esther Orphans Children Center and Nyansakia Public Primary School with a cohort of 400 pupils. Esther Orphans Children Centre is an institution which is registered by the Kenya government as a charitable children institution and was established in the year 2007 after the post-election violence in Kenya. It is a project of Ecclesia Church and is a home to up to 67 children out of which 37 are girls and 30 boys between the ages of 03 to 17 years by providing shelter, food, and education. Our Plan for the future is to increase the number of orphans to 100 children in the centre and also extend our feeding program to our three neighbouring schools.

Our prayer request, in the economic wake of the pandemic, our budget has increased as everything has become expensive. Our churches are equally suffering as our members lack food. Our people live hand to mouth and our prayer requests are food, medical and general supplies, school fees, and clothing. You are welcome to donate towards any of these requests. Your contribution whether great or small is totally significant and highly appreciated.

To our brothers and sisters, Christian churches in China, we are praying for you! God loves you and He will keep blessing you.

If you have some new ideas of knowledge to change and improve our home and community, just contact us.

Pastor Onkoba Mswali Vincent

Contact information:

P. O Box 223 -40204

Cellphone: +254741085524

Email: Onkoba1980@yahoo.com

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