Thursday, November 30th, 2023
Article by:William Yoder, Ph.D.

An Update on Ukraine

This article is an update on my long piece from 17 September 2018 in this same file on Ukraine and Moldova.

Comparing Polish Borders in West and East

A visit to Poland's eastern and western borders is a study in contrasts. Or more precisely: The contrast between Polish crossings into Germany and those into Russia. In the German-Polish twin city of Guben/Gubin on the Neisse River, there is no visible border at all as of October 2021. Germans eat or shop in Gubin freely without impediment; there are joint kindergartens and many Poles work in Germany. The two mayors of the twin city occasionally stand in for each other at public meetings.

Conversation with a Siberian "Barefoot Historian"

Born in Apollonovka in 1960, Peter Epp was the oldest of nine children in a Mennonite family. He published a very comprehensive documentation about the “Omsk Brotherhood” in 2007; four years later, a work about his home village of Apollonovka. These two books prove that this lay historian is an expert in his field.
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