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The Most Famous Ventriloquist Married at His 65, Says His Wife is the Gift from God

Deng Zhihong is the most famous ventriloquist among Chinese and also a famous imitation show artist in Taiwan. He had become very famous even before his 50 and had hosted many popular variety shows. But few people know is that he was baptized as a Christian at 12.

Chinese Christian Celebrity: Stepping into Public Welfare was Inspired by God's Love

Chinese Christian celebrity Yuan li shared the life condition of the Pneumoconiosis patients with the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when she was having breakfast with him. The female actress Yuan Li said that being a Love Save Pneumoconiosis Volunteer is the choice of fate and the will of God.

China Christian Celebrity tells her testimony in Evangelical rally

In early November, Hongkong One CircleWorship Platform, joining with Actress Deng Cuiwen, held the evangelistic rally, "Walk through the Valley and Welcome the Blessings". During the rally Deng Cuiwen shared her "vallies of the shadow of death" she has walked through in her life.

Christian Screenwriter Won the Best Writing for a TV Series, Confesses It’s God’s Grace and Love

Recently Lv Shiyuan won the Best Writing for a Television Series (Golden Bell Awards) this year by the TV play Long Day's Journey into Light, she confesses "Thank God. If it brings healing, it's because God's grace and love! "

Chinese Christian Celebrity to Hold a Music Evangelistical Rally and Share Her Testimony

From Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, Christian celebrity Jiang Liping will be holding a music evangelistical rally in Chongqing Agape Church and will share her testimony.

Copying Scripture in Jail, Casino Casino Tycoon Converted into a Preacher

He started using drugs when he was a junior high school student, became a gambling gaming tycoon at the age of 18, and got arrested in prison because of drug use at 20. He became a Christian when he was copying the Bible in prison.

Chinese Famous Writer Ran Yunfei Converts to Christianity

Famous writer Ran Yunfei has converted to Christianity recently. Being a famous public intellectual, the topic became a point of discussion to many Christians and non-Christians. Many Christians thanked God for His grace, while non-Christians were shocked.

Christian Singer Designs Products to Help Left-behind Children in China

In the beginning 2016, JJ Lin, a famous singer-songwriter,JJ Lin, published the "Brave New Love" ultra facial cream and the earnings will be donated to buy books for left-behind children in China. In his eyes, "To share the love is a good beginning!"

Hong Kong Singer Kary Ng Converts to Christianity

The 29yo Hong Kong famous singer Kary Ng receives baptism on Jan.10th, 2016. She shared the good news on her micro-blog, "Today I'm baptized! Thank Lord!"

Christian Celebrity Mark Lee Wins Best actor award at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards

Mark Lee wins "Best Actor" in a Miniseries or Television Film at Golden Bell Awards for God's grace, speaking the Lord's prayer to give thanks to the Lord.