Topic: community service

Teachers and students of Calvin Seminary lead children English summer camp in Beijing Church

Leading by teachers and students from Calvin seminary, which is in the US, Beijing GangWashi Christian church held a five-day children English summer camp activities since from July 27.

Famours Christian painter with no hands calls for cares about orphaned and disabled children

In Australia, there is a person named Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms and legs and he encourages people with his amazing story. In Taiwan, we have a sister in the Lord that has the same story.

German Priests adopted 550 Chinese Orphans in Hunan Province during WWII

Local newspaper in Changsha reported that during the period of Anti-Japanese War, German priests set up a shelter in Zhijiang County, Huaihua city, Hunan province to help 550 Chinese orphans.

Amity Foundation goes Africa to Push the Local Development

The Amity Foundation's Africa office was inaugurated and established in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethuopia. The center was established to promote friendship, cooperation and the sharing of resources between the people of China and Africa. Furthermore, Amity anticipates the Bible printing services to improve and to provide social development and social services for the people of Africa.

Charity Gala to mark the closing ceremony of Charity Week held in Beijing Chongwenmen Church

On the evening of Sep. 19th, Beijing Chongwenmen Church holds a charity gala to mark the closing ceremony of the church charity week. The Pastor explained that the charity week's theme "Love above the clouds" is actually the light from God, and the church has been advocating charity.

National CCC&TSPM Holds the 7th Aged Care Seminar in Harbin

The 7th aged care seminar given by the nationsl TSPM & CCC was held in Harbin Christian Training Base on September 7 to 11. Representatives of aged care experts and talent aged homes architectural designers from Britain, Hong Kong and the Mainland discussed about topics on the basic idea of aged care.

Henan Jiaodong Church Holds “Happy Family Camp ”in Religious Charity Week

Jiaodong Church held a three-day free training “Happy Family Camp” and over 40 couples shared the themes “The viewpoint of marriage in Bible” and “How to mend the wound in marriage”.

College Fellowship in Hangzhou Opens “Good Samaritans” Activity

On Oct. 4, the Group "Good Samaritans" held an activity fornthe first time, providing the service such as praying for others, adjusting the volume of the ringing tones on cellphones, counseling for the schedule of Church activities and bus routes, to serve others instead of being served.

Memorial Essay from YMCA of Shanghai, in Memory of Bishop Ding Guangxun

YMCA of Shanghai wrote to memorize his influence and support on the work of YMCA of Shanghai in the 100th anniversary of his birth, recalling YMCA's history in memory of his great contribution in real actions of his patriotism, his love of the religion and serving.

Amity Foundation Visits the Orphans in Yunnan

There are 52,5000 orphans in China including 1/3 orphans whose life is extremely tough. To improve the situation, the Amity Foundation, which is one of the Christian charities, launched "E thousands ACT"--an orphan aid project aims at helping orphans in the poor mountainous areas.