Over 7 Million Raised for New Campus of Shaanxi Bible School in 2016

By Josiah Li, February 14, 2017 01:02 AM

Shaanxi Bible School (Shaanxi CCC & TSPM)

Shaanxi Bible School raised a fund of over 7 million for the construction of a new campus in 2016.  CCC&TSPM of Shaanxi will continue the fundraising through a Special Fund Donation Day for the new campus in 2017.

According to the WeChat account (Chinese social media) of Shaanxi CCC&TSPM, the standing committee of the CCC&TSPM decided on Jan 19, 2016, to dedicate the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of the 2nd month of each quarter as a Special Fund Donation Day for the new campus of the Shaanxi Bible School and called on pastoral workers and believers of the province to participate.

Shaanxi Bible School was founded by Youfangdao Church of Sanyuan County in 1988, and moved to the Xi'an High-tech zone in 1998.  A new campus is being prepared in the International Cultural Zone in Xixian New Area covering an area of 21.7 mu (3.6 acres) on which they plan to build teaching buildings, apartments, a library, and more.  The total building area is 20,000m2, and the total budget is estimated at 100 million.

Translated by: Grace Hubl



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