Man Forgiven by Family After an Affair Abroad

By CCD contributor: Jacob Zhao , December 16, 2017 07:12 AM

An old man feels regret.

Husband and wife Brother Liang and Sister Kim are both in their 50s. Some years ago, in order to improve their living conditions, Kim worked in South Korea for a year.

As their financial situation improved, it was also time for their son to get married. Liang offered to buy a bigger apartment as a new home for the son. However, they could only afford to pay the down payment even though they were a well-off family locally. Thinking their finances would be even tighter after their son's wedding, Liang suggested working in South Korea as well.

Even though the son disapproved because he didn't want his parents working that hard, Kim finally caved in to her husband's persistence.

Liang is not like his wife who is ethnically Korean, so Kim asked her brother in South Korea to arrange a visa for him. They also borrowed some money for going abroad.

The plan was to work there for two years tops. However, three years passed and the husband didn't send a penny or a word.

Sister Kim learned through her brother that her husband had left the factory to work in a construction company for greater money. Her husband had called home a few times, but since they couldn't reach an agreement, he eventually stopped calling. Kim had nothing to do but pray for him.

Suddenly, Liang showed up at home in a rather poor composure.

Turned out he met a woman while working abroad. The loneliness overseas brought them together and Liang spent all his money on their living. That's why he hadn't saved anything in three years. It wasn't until the woman went back to her home country that Liang took a tumble. He meant to work one more year, but ended up being deported due to his visa.

Liang cried his heart out for forgiveness. He also asked the brothers and sisters to intercede for him.

"I don't want to take you back, but my faith tells me otherwise. I only require that you believe in God faithfully and I promise to move on," said his wife. Liang now had his wife's forgiveness; however, no matter how hard he tried, his son wouldn't forgive him.

Liang tried to use his actions to make up to his family but it didn't change the son's mind. Ever since that day, his son never called him "father."

Eventually, his sincerity brought him a chance.

It was around Christmas 2016 when every fellowship was rehearsing shows. Sister Kim's fellowship prepared a skit called the story of the prodigal son. The prodigal son was played by Kim's son and his girlfriend played a "woman about town." However, they lacked someone for the father character. Despite the fact that Liang was the best choice, his son disagreed.

However, the brothers and sisters of their church persuaded him for the sake of Christmas. He reluctantly agreed but made clear it didn't mean forgiveness.

The whole plot changed dramatically, with the father becoming a repented prodigal. Although Liang failed the first rehearsal because he lost control, something wonderful did happen: the son was very touched by his father and to everyone's surprise, he forgave his "prodigal" father!

Note: the author is a guest contributor from Liaoning Province.

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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