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Christmas Skit: Snobs Vanish, Only Jesus is Eternal

Christmas Skit: Snobs Vanish, Only Jesus is Eternal

The Chinese Christ Melodrama The Chinese Christ Melodrama "Snobs"(CCD File Photo)
ByElsie Hu December 28, 2016
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Christmas is a yearly celebration as well as a grand banquet for Christians. At the 2016 Christmas celebration hosted by Suzhou Grace Church, there were over 20 shows, singing hymns or dancing. Climaxes happened frequently and they were all overflowing with Christmas joy.

The skit "Snobs" deserved an honorable mention. It directly satirized the never-changing social phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years. There was a young lady being married to a wealthy family against her willing. She loved a young man but that young man was detested by her mother since his poverty.

In the new-married family, the daughter suffered a lot from domestic abuse. Looking at her miserable daughter, the mother had deep regret. The poor young man, however, having lost his girlfriend by force, determined to go out to work. He collapsed by the roadside due to hunger and was saved by several Christians. He worked for them and was greatly appreciated by the boss, who is a Christian. He then married the daughter of the boss and returned to his hometown with high honor to find his mother had become a Christian too. She had no one to rely on and almost drowned herself in a river, but was saved by a Christian.

A Christian sister was preaching the good news about Jesus. Even the husband of Xiao Hong who was hiding couldn't help asking: "I have made so many mistakes. Would Jesus still want me?" The answer is certain, they told him. Jesus forgives the sins of all people as long as they repent. All the people converted and decided to start over in the Lord.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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