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Christian Self-media Pastor Propose not to Give False Witnesses

Christian Self-media Pastor Propose not to Give False Witnesses

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ByRuth Wang August 12, 2020
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A Christian pastor with his own media outreach launched an appeal to other Christians to not use media for money or publicity, but to value the truth of information and biblical values. 

The article entitled “You Shall not Give False Testimonies: A Proposal for  Christian Media” was published on the WeChat account The Tabernacle of the Times, founded by Pastor Li Xian. 

“As a church pastor, a writer, and a Christian I hope to glorify God and edify people through media outlets,” he said. 

He claimed that self-produced media outlets were a rare online field which we should cherish. “But unfortunately, Christian media is chaotic: some Christians are involved in fraud in the name of of Christianity, some attack and abuse each other, and some plagiarize shamelessly. With chaff all over the ground, it’s hard to find true bread!”

Based on the current situation, he urged Christian-run media accounts not to be money oriented. 

Striving for truth should be more important than pursuing timeliness since the truth of information does matter.

Last, Li said the content should be biblical.

He regarded the biblical truth as the basis and meaning of news and texts as well as their absolute reference standard.

“Because we have chances to spread God’s Word further and broader, we should have more responsibility for others’ souls,” he concluded.

- Translated by Karen Luo


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