Easter Bible Study Review for International Christian Fellowship, Hainan

By HICF, May 10, 2017 04:05 AM

The International Christian Fellowship in Haixiu Church(Photo Provided to CCD)

The Haikou International Christian fellowship (hereafter HICF) and the Sanya International Christian fellowship(hereafter SICF) on the 15th and 16th of April 2017, held an Easter Conference at the Haixiu Church Premises. The Conference was themed “The Power of His Resurrection -- Matthew 28:18-20”. The activities on the program included two bible study sessions and a time of discussion on the 15th and a service on the 16th.


The members of SICF arrived in Haikou on Saturday morning. There were seven people in total and they were picked up from the train station by one of the members of HICF. The SICF members joined some members of HICF at Hainan Medical University after which the bus transported all people to the church premises. At the church premises the SICF members were served breakfast and after that the conference started.


The conference began at 10:00am with an opening prayer followed by a welcome address from the President of HICF. The first activity was a bible study session. Members were divided into groups for the session and after the various group discussions had ended all groups came together to have an overall discussion. This ended by 12 noon and was followed by lunch and a period of rest. After that there was a praise and worship session followed by an interactive and educative session. Approximately 4:30pm, the interactive session ended and members from SICF were taken to their hotel rooms after while members from HICF rested at the church premises. At 5.40pm, dinner was served at the canteen on the first floor of the church building after which the evening session started with a bible study followed by a service. The program on Saturday ended at 9:30pm. On Sunday, service started at 12:30pm and ended a little after 2:30pm. After the service a meeting was held with the members of SICF, the leaders of HICF and Pastor Zhang to find out how SICF could be built up.


On Saturday morning, the total number of people was 41 it increased to 47 in the afternoon and to 50 by evening.

On Sunday morning, the total number of people was 66.


The conference successfully ended on Sunday with a photo session and meeting with the SICF members. Some problems with organization and timing were faced and also the number and participation of HICF members was not encouraging.

By Haikou International Christian Fellowship

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