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130-Y-O Church Rededicated in Lanzhou, Gansu

130-Y-O Church Rededicated in Lanzhou, Gansu

A stone was placed before the church to honor the China Inland Mission. A stone was placed before the church to honor the China Inland Mission.
ByJosiah Li May 25, 2018
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The Lanzhou Shanzishi Church was originally built by the China Inland Mission (CIM) in 1885. After more than 130 years, the church dedicated its newest building on May 19, 2018.

In January 1877, Easton and Parker from CIM introduced the gospel into Gansu province, Northwest China. One year later, the mission established the first general station in the province. In 1885, the British pastor of Inland Mission Baghdaugh started building Shanzishi Chapel. First named the "Gospel Church of Inland Mission", the chapel had over 80 rooms with an area of 5 mu (0.82 acres). In 1921,he invested more than 4000 silver dollars into the construction completed in 1923.

In June 1998, the chapel was reconstructed in the place of original with a construction area of 5,000 square meters (1.23 acres).  The main hall was put into use on the Christmas of 2000 and the rest parts were completed in succession, but the basement remained unfinished.

In April 2017, the church restarted the construction and got through with the project seven months later.

The church had three pastors and nine elders with around 3500 members, according to the introduction issued by CCC&TSPM on December 22, 2017. Apart from weekend services, it held Bible studies for different ages, prayer meetings, morning devotional meetings, retreats, wedding, and funerals.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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