Christmas Celebration of Migrant Workers’ Church: Passing On Love with Warm Actions

By Elsie Hu, January 03, 2019 15:01 PM

Women danced at the Christmas party held by Suzhou Grace Church on Dec. 25, 2018.

With no exception, again at the Christmas season at a church in Suzhou, the curtain was raised and with a cheerful song, the annual Christmas evening party started.

The small main hall was filled with believers who came to join in, and even the aisles are full.  According to the lead pastor, most of the people who gathered there were mainly migrant workers from rural areas. Often they could not return home because of their work so they gathered together at this special Christmas celebration.

This year, at the Grace Church, the Christmas celebration was dominated by singing and dancing.

The first thing to be performed was the dance "Let's Come Together", done by children. The powerful movements and rhythm were perfectly in sync.

When Mi Li secretly praised God through dance, she was already 90 years old, but she calmly led all the ladies in playing drums, singing and praising the Lord.   When the middle-aged and elderly sisters of the church stepped up to the podium, expressed their gratitude and joy to God with the dance "Let's Sing the Song of Heaven", the audience applauded them for their performance. Another brother gave a worship performance by playing the harmonica.

Other dances included the solo, "We come to God together", performed by the church sisters and the children's solo, "The Lord's Blessings are Replete."

The message of the play "Rich or Poor, All are Mothers" was that when measuring the value of others, some young people today are measuring based on money.   Especially after marriage, when a young wife is dealing with her mother-in-law, she despises her mother-in-law if she is poor.  The play presented the dissatisfaction of a wife towards her poor mother-in-law in a humorous and funny way. After discovering that her mother-in-law had received a large sum of bonus money, she then began to warm up to the mother-in-law.  The truth that the play revealed was that no matter who the person is, a mother-in-law or anyone else, money can't be the standard for us to use to measure up a person. Only honesty and love are the most important.

The Christmas show contained a wide variety of dances. The church sisters had carefully prepared many of the dances such as, "Fly if you are the eagle," and "Let Hymns Fly to the Lord". In addition, there was also the reading of the poem "Jesus is Resurrected", a poem where brothers in the congregation showed their gratitude in rhythmic voice. The poem said: "The people who saw it were preaching. The prophets risked their lives to prophesy and testify...After the entire Old Testament, there were 400 years of silence. Now a new era has begun. Jesus is born!"

-Translated by Jake

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