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Kunshan Protestant Church Holds 2019 Pastors’ Retreat Camp

Kunshan Protestant Church Holds 2019 Pastors’ Retreat Camp

The group photo of the pastors The group photo of the pastors (WeChat account: Kunshan TSPM )
ByAnthony Lee May 21, 2019
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On May 13 and 14, 2019, the Kunshan Christian Church held the annual retreat camp for pastors, at the God's Grace Church of Zhouzhuang county. There were 59 participants.

According to Kunshan Church, the opening ceremony began at 9:30 am on the 13th. Pastor Wen Xingui shared God's word on the topic of "preaching". In his message, he listed several approaches, then returned to the qualities and prerequisites that preachers should have, especially practicing pronunciation, a few key principles when preaching God's words, and so on.  Among them, in particular, he pointed out that, sometimes the highest skill was to allow "the silence to speak". This helped speakers understand how to preach with a target in interpersonal relationships.

In the afternoon, a special lecture was given by the pastor. The theme was: "Inherit tradition, adapt with society, and progress in a healthy way". The lecture also responded positively to the state's proposal for "Indigenization of Christianity in China."

On the 14th, after the morning prayer, visiting Pastor Zhang Keyun, the chairman of the Jiangsu Chiristan Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement was invited to give a lecture. Based on his church management and pastoral experience, Pastor Zhang shared his understanding of Indigenization of Christianity in China. This lecture solved many problems that co-workers often encounter when serving. From his examples, the audience understood the importance of indigenization of Christianity in China and its necessity because of the different cultural background and different historical progress between China and the West. In the lecture, using the "incarnation" as a model, people saw the churches' role and mission in the society of China today. Pastor Zhang's lecture also brought passion and motivation to the people applying indigenization of Christianity to the real life of China. In addition, Pastor Zhang believed that the Jiangsu Church and the Kunshan Church would become better and better under the watchful guidance of God and pastoral leaders.

On the afternoon of the 14th, there was a variety of exciting performances and light-hearted games.

- Translated by Jake


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