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Aged pastor in Xining Tells Story of Western Missionary Victor Plymire

Aged pastor in Xining Tells Story of Western Missionary Victor Plymire

Victor Plymire and his family in 1938 Victor Plymire and his family in 1938(agwm)
ByJosiah Li October 04, 2016
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The whole family of an American missionary Victor Plymire has taken Huangyuan County as their hometown. Actually three members of the family were buried in Huangyuan County.

Huangyuan County is located in Xining City of Qinghai Province.

Old Pastor Qin Cizhe in Huangyuan Church shares the story of Victor Plymire and his family with CCD.

A massacre led by Hui ethnic group used to happen in Huangyuan and more than 3000 people were killed. The church acted as a shelter for people. Pastor Victor Plymire stood at the entrance to the church and protected the people inside. Faced with bandits, Pastor Victor Plymire said firmly:"If you want to kill the people inside,you kill me first." He also took some money out to gangsters. Finally all the people survived.

Victor Plymire also offers medical help to the local people. A couple quarreled with each other and the wife swallowed opium to kill herself. In this crisis, people thought of the church. Pastor Victore fed her medicine and she was saved.

In 1988, Huangyuan Church was insulted to propaganda foreign religion. People who have received help from the church clarified for the church.

Victor Plymire's son David Plymire inherited his father's wishes and continues to help HuangYuan. He donated a black and white ultrasound, a gastroscope and other advanced medical which is worth 6 million yuan($100 million) in total to Huangyuan People's Hospital. He won the title of  "Honorary Citizen" in Qinghai Province.

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