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Beijing Church Presents "Cloud Praise Meeting" on Easter

Beijing Church Presents "Cloud Praise Meeting" on Easter

The love of Jesus The love of Jesus
ByAnthony Li April 21, 2020
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On Easter Sunday, 2020, the Beijing Chongwenmen Church Jingxing Artistic Troupe devised and designed a new form of worship, which was presented to brothers and sisters in the form of “cloud praise.”

The praise and worship service used the events that occurred after the Lord Jesus entered the Holy City, according to the church. The brothers and sisters were able to  follow Jesus through the last week of his life to Jerusalem, to the temple, to the Marco Tower, and to the cross and finally entering the tomb where the resurrection glory appeared.

The online praise and worship service was shown on the Chongwenmen Church’s official media platform through video recording. Under the guidance of Pastor Wang Fang and Brother Ai Changjiu, the members of the Chongwenmen Jingxing Art Troupe and the youth choir overcame the difficulties of their stay at home and produced the video in more than one month.

At present, the Easter praise and worship service has been seen by nearly 6,000 people. The successful production demonstrated that the Chongwen Jingxing Art Troupe could serve in a new field of ministry.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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