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Beijing CC&TSPM Says Church Can be Reopened

Beijing CC&TSPM Says Church Can be Reopened

Beijing Gangwashi Church Beijing Gangwashi Church
ByCCD contributor:Ai mo June 12, 2020
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On June 9, 2020, the Beijing CC&TSPM issued relevant notices regarding the opening of religious activities venues. "Each hall can be reopened in an orderly manner after being evaluated by the relevant department at the district level."

The Beijing CC&TSPM decided that beginning midnight, June 10, 2020, churches of the Beijing CC&TSPM could be reopened in an orderly manner after evaluation by the relevant departments at the district level.

All open religious places would be restricted or controlled by means of appointment or admission with ticket or voucher to restrict the flow of people. Some large-scale religious activities would temporarily not be held. Special foreign language party activities, weekly gatherings, communion, baptisms, and book sales activities would be temporarily suspended. Lectures, training, performances, and other activities would not be held. The above would be implemented in strict accordance with the notification requirements.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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