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The Voice of Campus Fellowship Group Leader

The Voice of Campus Fellowship Group Leader

Rev. Bian Wenai and other church co-workers of Haidian Church with the students of Yiliang Christian Training Center on April 3, 2016. Rev. Bian Wenai and other church co-workers of Haidian Church with the students of Yiliang Christian Training Center on April 3, 2016.(Beijing Haidian Church)
ByZoe Zhang July 16, 2020
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IIn his early twenties, Brother K is an undergraduate who also serves as a campus group leader in a registered church.  

Previously busy with studies, he has more time during the coronavirus pandemic as schools are closed. He expects to attract more college students to join his group.

“We hope more students will be interested in attending this group, but not by force. Let them feel our group understands them and accepts them as good friends. Then let’s take it slow,” he said.

The group acts as a first step into the church’s youth fellowship.

Founded around one year ago, the group normally sends activity notices on WeChat and holds in-person meetings.

By the first half of this year, it held only three or four activities due to the virus, and the participants became fewer and fewer.

He believes that university students face challenges in different areas, mainly having to do with their hearts.

Many students made all kinds of excuses for not joining in meetings and gave priority to other parties.

Their parents also failed to lead them in their faith growth. During their  childhood, these students were forced to attend Sunday school. When they came of age, they wanted to have unlimited freedom. In the end, the Christian faith didn’t take root in their hearts. 

“It seems that there are no zealous college students in our traditional churches. 

Restricted for various reasons, the younger people can’t release their real inner-self.

The situation not only appears in our church or our region, but also is common among most churches in mainland China.”

He continued,”The majority of the participants are the middle-aged and the elderly. There are few young people; I think the atmosphere created by the worship and praise team is more for their own entertainment, but I feel they are not close to God.”

He stated that traditional churches must make major changes if they want young people to become fervent in spirit.

However, change is hard.

“Our church is traditional and many people have traditional views.

If the church makes changes, the judgment and gossip behind our back are unavoidable. They will also talk about our pastoral workers who are in charge of our group.”

He has many worries. 

He has been to 611 Bread of Life Christian Church in Hong Kong. In his eyes, the Pentecostal church has some disadvantages, but has some good things.

“For example, worship. I found that during their worship they were really close to God. The congregation was also very passionate in their worship.

The worship atmosphere made me feel I was so close to God and their church’s members were very zealous in faith.”

The group he leads was proposed by his church’s senior pastor, so it has won some support.

Even so, he recognizes some limitations. “If we continue according to conservative church thoughts, I think the campus group won’t grow. There must be features in the church that attract college students.”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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