Church Nursing Home Celebrates Birthdays for Elderly People

By Wafangdian Church, January 24, 2018 05:01 AM

The group birthday party for seniors of Wafangdian Canaan Nursing Home was held on Jan. 8, 2018.(Wafangdian Church )

On Januery 8, 2018,Wafangdian Canaan Nursing Home held a group birthday party for its senior residents in Dalian, Liaoning.

The pastoral staff and deacons of Wafangdian Church joined in the celebration. Rev.Zheng Guangyi, the church's senior pastor, gave a benediction for the seniors. 

The elders with birthday hats watched slides recording the home's activities and smiled.The church nursing home's vice-president cut the cake and the home's staff handed slices to every resident. One of them said that the party was like celebrating the New Year.   

As of November 2016, more than 150 elderly people became Christians in the nursing home opened in November 2010. It served over 360 seniors including more than 60 who needed special nursing. Its occupancy rate reached 100% in June 2015. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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