The Miao Christians Sing Hymns on Thanksgiving Day

By Ruth Wang, November 30, 2016 06:11 AM

The Miao choir Worshiping(Photo Provided to CCD)

Recently a brother who serves the minority shares some photos of Miao Christians worshiping and praising on Nov 24, 2016, the Thanksgiving Day. 

Despite in a wild environment, they praise God with fervor and warmth. 

The Miao choir sings hymns to praise God and some brothers play instruments
The Miao choir sings hymns to praise God and some brothers play instruments.


Thanks to the sacrifice of foreign missionaries like Samuel Pollard, a large percentage of Miao Christians converted to Christianity over a century ago.

In 1887, Pollard was called by God to preach the Gospel in China, moved by David Livingstone's evangelization story in Africa. In 1905, he brought the Gospel to the Miao, who living at the bottom of the society in Shimenkan, Guizhou. He created the Pollard script. The church choirs in that time still left a profound influence in today's Miao music that learned four-part music, so there are many hymns in the music of the Miao people.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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