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Nanjing YMCA Help the Disabled "To Dance Sitting in Wheels"

"To Dance Sitting in Wheels," this is perhaps an impossible dream of the disabled in their whole life. However, on Oct. 17, the Nanjing YMCA, YWCA, and Nanjing Disabled Person's Foster Care Service Association held a public performance together, providing a cherished chance for the disabled.

The Ninth Cross-Strait YMCA Joint Music Concert Held in Xiamen

In the evening of Oct. 31, the Ninth “Singing Together” Cross-Strait YMCA Joint Music Concert was held in Xiamen Dance Drama Opera. The concert attracted Xiamen Channel which reported it.

Shanghai YMCA Launches Campaign to Care Children with Autism

On March 26, 2016, Shanghai YMCA and YWCA held the opening ceremony of the campaign-"Running Star", aiming to care children with autism in Shanghai upon the arrival of the coming World Autism Awareness Day.

YMCA&YWCA Celebrate Children's Day Across China

YMCA&YWCA in China held a series of events to celebrate the Children's Day on May 28 to 30.

YMCA Volunteers Hold Summer Camp for Children of Migrant Workers

26 volunteers from Shanghai and Taichung YMCA held a five-day summer camp for 90 students from a primary school for migrant worker's children on July 3.

The Tenth Cross-Strait YMCA Joint Concert to Be Held in Xiamen

On the evening of October 22, 2016, the Tenth Cross-strait YMCA Joint Concert will be held in Xiamen.

Xi’an YMCA Partners with Matara YMCA

The signing ceremony of partnership between the Matara YMCA & the Xi'an YMCA was held on May 26 to promote deeper cooperation in the future.

Hangzhou and Taiwan YMCAs Hold Character Training Camp for Rural Left-behind Children

The character training camp for rural left-behind children was opened by Hangzhou-Taiwan YMCA on July 13, 2017.

Xi’an YMCA Recruits Volunteers to Serve Children with Leukemia

Xi'an YMCA released an announcement to recruit volunteers to engage in an education program for long-stay children with leukemia.