Baoji Shuguang Church Holds Online Audio Sunday Service

Baoji Shuguang Church
Baoji Shuguang Church (photo: Provided by Jonah)
By CCD contributor: JonahMay 8th, 2020

Judging from the current situation, although onsite gatherings at Baoji Shuguang (Daybreak) Church have been suspended for a long time, the online audio gatherings are achieving good results.

The online Sunday service for the church was held on May 3, 2020 at 9:00 am.

Brother Chen Jian hosted the service and prayed: “The church is a shining, golden lampstand that will illuminate all the dark corners around it. The church should exalt the truth of the Bible and strive to practice Christ’s teachings, and should spread the gospel to save lost souls! Lord, please lead the universal church in the path of unity and revival. May your blood and your word revive and sanctify your church and make it holy without blemish, and make your church be watching and waiting, attentive to your return! "

Preacher Zhao Feng preached on the theme of "Difficulties Turned on Their Head" ,based on the scriptures of the Bible (2 Kings 4: 1-7). She said that the prophet met a woman who was in a difficult dilemma because her had husband died and the two sons would be taken into bondage to pay for the debt. She piously confessed her difficulty to God and asked for help, and God heard her appeal. After learning that her family had only one asset, "a bottle of oil", God spoke through the mouth of Elisha and instructed her to borrow empty utensils from all neighbors, and emphasized not to borrow less. After doing so, she closed the door and with her son filled the empty utensils from the only "a bottle of oil" as Elisha had said. A miracle occurred and the dilemma was reversed. She sold the oil to pay off the debt, and her and her son still had the remaining oil to live off of.

After listening to this sermon, it reminded us of the great dilemma caused by the new coronavirus epidemic in our church before and after the Spring Festival. When Wuhan city was closed and the country was strictly controlled, churches around Baoji suspended onsite gatherings and all activities in response to the notice of the Shaanxi Province CC&TSPM and Baoji CC&TSPM.

The current online audio service has completely reversed the difficulties after the suspension of Baoji Shuguang (Daybreak) Church’s onsite meetings, and also opened up new ideas for ministry and pastoral care, so that the believers at home can be pastored in time.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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