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Feature: Church Should Make Believers Encounter God

In an era of rapid change, pastors need to attract believers through effective sermons. When believers experience God, they become longing for more grace. In fact, many churches urge believers to be thirsty for God, but excessive demands might foster a rebellious attitude.
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Photos of Easter Celebrations Across China

Here are some photos of registered churches in China conducting Easter services to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on March 31.

Photos of Celebrations for Good Friday in Churches of China

Churches in China carried out a diverse range of activities to commemorate Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday, which fell on March 29.

Yunnan Theological Seminary Holds Spring Sports Meeting

Yunnan Theological Seminary organized its annual spring sports meeting.

Churches Conduct Anti-Cult Events on National Security Education Day

As April 15 approached, marking the ninth National Security Education Day, churches in Guangdong, Xinjiang, and Fujian organized anti-cult propaganda events in advance.

Church Leaders Gather with Easter Joy at St Pierre Cathedral

Ecumenical leaders, including World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay, gathered with several hundred people, filling St Pierre Cathedral in Geneva with the sounds and songs of Easter joy.

WEA Accepts Secretary General's Resignation for Health Reasons

The Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, has notified the WEA International Council (its governing body) of his resignation, effective 31st March 2024.

The Lord Is the God of Healing—Testimony of Terminal Cancer Patients

After being healed from lung cancer by the Lord, a man initially prioritized spiritual practices but eventually returned to material pursuits. Overcoming material temptations, he refocused on his spiritual journey.

National YWCA Attends Hong Kong's Social Services Seminar

The National Council of YWCAs of China selected representatives to attend the social service seminar in Hong Kong.

Qingming Festival Lecture: Do Humans Have Souls?

Constrasting the views on the soul from the perspective of Chinese history with those of Greek philosophy and Christian beliefs, a scholar discussed the existence of the soul and its residence.

Shanghai Joint Exhibition Witnesses 'Transformation of Life'

On March 23, the “Transformation of Life” art exhibition commenced in Shanghai, curated by Dr. Zha Changping, a well-known art critic and a biblical scholar.

Where Does the Cult in Blockbuster 'The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon' Come From?

In the recent blockbuster "The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon," cults have been an important part of the plot. What kind of cult is that in the movie?

Churches Should Reach Unbelievers With Respect

From the urgency of spreading the gospel, we can see the church’s anxiety about reaching unbelievers. The more the people reject, the stronger the anxiety of traditional churches becomes, which prompts them to more urgently evangelize to non-Christians.

3 Tips for Preparing for Sunday Service

We need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than on our ability to understand sermons. It is necessary to prepare the heart to seek spiritual growth through every service.

Mental Health and the Christian Man

On International Men's Day, the stark reality of a mental health crisis is highlighted amid a global plea for attention to men's well-being.