Sunday, May 29, 2022
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A picture shows an angel besides the Bible. A picture shows an angel besides the Bible.

Voice: Christianity Should Step out of Temple Centralism, Revive ‘Book Religion’ Tradition

Jesus honored the temple, but he was not centered on it. The Lord also inherited and carried forward the tradition of the "holy books" formed during the Babylonian exile.
  • Shenzhen Church Hosts Sharing Session in Sunday Service

    Four female believers shared their testimonies during a praise & worship service in a church based in south China's Guangdong Province.
  • Life Essay Under Pandemic: Grain Storage

    Through an experience of reserving food in time before the community lockdown, I realize that keeping God’s word in my heart has not only helped me avoid sin but also helped me grow in all aspects of my life.
  • How to Win Over an Non-Christian Husband?

    We can see a common phenomenon in the church in China, that is, there are many female believers and few male ones. One of the problems revealed by this phenomenon is that many married female believers have unbelieving husbands. They all face the same problem and need: how to lead their husbands to Christ. Here are some practical suggestions.
Stained glass windows of a church Stained glass windows of a church

Pastor in South China Urges Christians to Follow Steps of the Early Church in the Post-Pandemic Era

Pastor J from South China urged Christians to live as the earliest followers of Jesus to take on the cross and wait for the return of the king in the post-pandemic era filled with uncertainties and challenges.

Jiangsu Megachurch Resumes 100-Person Sunday Services

A church in China’s eastern-coastal Jiangsu Province announced the continuation of its in-person Sunday services.
A picture shows a medical worker preparing a dose for vaccination. A picture shows a medical worker preparing a dose for vaccination.

Sichuan Church Opens as Vaccination Point

A church in southwest China’s Sichuan Province opened for carrying out COVID-19 vaccination.

Three Psychotherapy Books Reprinted to Help Wounded People Grow

Anhui People's Publishing House announced its republication of three psychotherapy books to help wounded people grow.
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