Saturday, August 13, 2022
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A picture show a couple walking on a road. A picture show a couple walking on a road.

Churches Must Consider Future Marriage of Poor Sing Male Young Pastors

Many believers in the church know that the salary of pastors, especially young pastors, is notoriously low. As a result, often no single female Christians are willing to marry them. In fact, most single female believers are aware that those single pastors are actually very good on all aspects, except for one problem, that is, being poor with no money.
A picture shows a person reading a book. A picture shows a person reading a book.

Interview: Pastor Shares How to Pastor Intellectuals

The church is a platform that can often reach out to different social groups. For instance, there are workplace groups, rural migrant worker groups, intellectual groups, stay-at-home mothers and disabled groups and so on. Recently, the Christian Times interviewed brother W who specializes in serving the intellectual community, and he shared his experience and sentiment of herding this community for more than 10 years.

Fair in Front of He’nan Church Every Sunday

A century-old street market sprung up and moved along with a church in north China’s He’nan Province.
A picture shows some men gathering. A picture shows some men gathering.

Pastor Shares How to Nurture Male Believers: 'Their Relationships With God Are the Most Important Thing'

After God’s calling came upon him, Pastor C engaged in pastoring male members. During his 20-year pastoral ministry in south China, about two-thirds of the people under his care are married male believers. Recently, he was interviewed to share his pastoral experiences and insights.

Guangdong Megachurch Holds First Charity Achievement Photo Exhibition

A church in China’s southeastern coastal Guangdong Province launched a photo exhibition to show its charitable activities.
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