Monday, February 06, 2023


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People listen to a sermon in a church service. People listen to a sermon in a church service.

Interview: Changing from Past Tastes of Institutionalization, Scalization Back to Simpler House Church

When it comes to church transformation, two house church pastors state that the Chinese church should return to the original "house church" and settle down to be equipped more before future revivals.
A cross on the roof of a church A cross on the roof of a church

A Chinese Christian's Voice: In New Era, Our Christian Faith Can’t Just Stick to Religious Manifestations

In 2021, we can be said to be in a new “unprecedented era of great changes”. The same is true of today’s churches, especially those in the post-pandemic era. What is the way out for the church to live out its faith to the world?
Believers raise their hands to praise God. Believers raise their hands to praise God.

Pastor in East China: 'Integrating Faith into Life Means Christians Ought to Better Focus on Culture, Sports, Train Willpower, Character'

Recently a pastor in East China stressed that if Christians desired to integrate faith into their lives, they ought to pay more attention to culture and sports, and to enhance the training of willpower and character.
A church in central China A church in central China

Lecture: Six Images of Contemporary Rural Christianity in China

A scholar shared six images of rural Christianity in China through a literature review: positive reputation, utilitarianism, localization, marginalism, folk religion, and a "harmful thing".
Shanghai Moore Memorial Church Shanghai Moore Memorial Church

Pastor: Believers Need to Update Concepts of "Sunday Services in Buildings" to Push Church Transformation in Post-Pandemic Era

"Many believers still can't accept services without a lobby because, without a gathering place, people would feel that their church has come to an end." A pastor in eastern China said, "Back to Jesus' teaching. Jesus did not limit the Christian connection to the church.”
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