Thursday, February 29th, 2024
Voice is a column of China Christian Daily to blow the prophetic horn to Chinese churches and Christians.

Young Believers Need to Be Heard

Regardless of whether young people are believers or non-believers, they don't need high-and-mighty preaching and advice; they need listeners who can sit down to hear their stories and provide advice to address their anxieties.

Can Christians Celebrate the Lunar New Year?

In contemporary society, New Year's visits have become a custom, that enhances relationships through mutual blessings. This is different from the old custom of worshipping idols, and Christians should not reject it.

Pastor: Building Churches Requires Forward Thinking

Building churches is not just about creating a place for worship. It involves a complex process of approvals, funding, design, and construction. An experienced pastor shares his insights into making a strategic plan.

Though Authoritative, the Bible Can't Be Worshiped

Some believers consider the Bible to be divine words with magical powers. Therefore, in some zombie movies, scenes depict the Bible alongside Buddhist and Taoist artifacts during the exorcism of zombies. However, this is not only a scene seen in TV dramas but also occurs in real life.

Reflection of Bivocational Pastor on Ministry

Should the church hire Christians with jobs as the staff? Can pastors with secular jobs lead the church? Pastor Chen shares his personal experience of serving as a pastor while with an additional job.

Pastor Suggests Church Leaders to Retire at 55

"In our church, anyone, once they reach the age of 55, must step down from the position of church leader," said Reverend Chen, a retired church leader in a northern region. "Because we witnessed many churches decline due to poor succession, which leads to serious consequences."

Church Leadership Succession: A Negative Example

A pastor mentioned that in the 1980s and 1990s, many churches experienced significant revivals. However, he noted that most of them had essentially disappeared. According to him, a crucial reason for this decline is the failure of church management and succession.
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