Baoji Dawning Church Holds Online Gathering on Mother’s Day

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By CCD contributor: JonahMay 15th, 2020

On Sunday, May 10, the Baoji Dawn Church held an online gathering in celebration of Mother’s Day.

The host, Sister Bai Xue, greeted everyone with "Dear father, aunt, brothers and sisters, be safe on Sunday and happy Mother's Day!" She continued: “Today is the Lord's Day and also Mother's Day. God loves us and never gives us up. A mother’s love is from God. Maternal love is an example of self-denial; each of us should think about and cherish the responsibility of mothers and the depth of love they give. We wish Christ’s peace, joy and blessing to all mothers!”

Next, Sister Bai invited everyone to stand up. Everyone sang the praise poem Mom, I Have learned to Rely on God. A sister sang alone,​​ "God's love is love that never leaves us. Mother's love is from God. When I am lonely and in trouble, God always holds me in his arms. Mother you are willing to give up everything for me. How much my mother worries, how many tears she has shed ... The child has grown up and has become mature. The child has grown up and wants to make you proud. Sincere best wishes to you, my dear mother!"

Sister Yi, the director of the Shuguang Church choir, wrote the lyrics and music of this hymn many years ago.

Next, Elder Yi Lianmei preached a sermon based on Isaiah 49: 14-16, on the theme of "Maternal Love and Divine Love." She shared that maternal love is pure, strong and sacrificial. God's love is unconditional love of redemption; God is love. Maternal love is great, but the love of God is higher than maternal love and is the source of all love!

(The author is a northwest regional staff writer for the Gospel Times.)

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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