Some Churches Reopen on Sunday after Lockdown

Huizhong Church
Huizhong Church (photo: awtoupangzi)
By Zhang zoeJuly 13th, 2020

Recently, the following churches announced the resumption of church worship services, beginning on July 12.

Dalian Xishan Church resumed in-person Sunday services on July 12.It only conducted 3 services on Sunday, adding one service in the morning. Each service was shortened to 50 minutes. In order to facilitate the gathering and dispersal of the worshippers, participants followed the time schedule of the appointments they made on their WeChat accounts.

The church building needs to be disinfected before every service. The church asked believers to observe the correct entry time for each service. They should not come early nor late, otherwise they will not be permitted to enter.

Jinan Shengfu Church was also reopened on July 12, with a gathering time of 8:30-9:10.

This church ensured that local regulations are followed. People without prior appointment, an abnormal temperature, proper green health code, without masks, and minors were not be allowed to enter. As of July 9,  Reservations for the July 12 service were fully booked

Shanghai Huizhong Church held three Sunday services on July 12. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of attendees was restricted. Because of the additional time needed to follow health and safety guidelines, they will add one service on Sunday afternoon and adjust the service time.

Zhuhai Meihua Church also resumed the Sunday service on July 12. The first service start at 8:00 and the second at 10:30. Other services are temporarily suspended.

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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