Jiangsu Churches Restrict Sunday Attendance

A pastor gave a sermon in the Jinsha Church in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province on December 26, 2020.
A pastor gave a sermon in the Jinsha Church in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province on December 26, 2020. (photo: Jinsha Church)
By Ai Mo January 18th, 2021

Two churches in Jiangsu Province issued announcements to limit the number of people attending Sunday services according to government requirements.

On January 14, Hengjing Church in Suzhou announced that the number of participants in a single service could not exceed 50 during the New Year's Day and Spring Festival. The sanctuary on the first floor is limited to 50 people, with no more than 50 people watching live broadcasts in the small auditorium on the second floor. The number does not include the serving staff.

The church reminded the believers to participate in the second service if possible, as more attended the first one.

The Tongzhou District United Front Work Department in Nantong City held a meeting with relevant church leaders to put forward requirements for religious activity in place on January 12.

On January 13, Jinsha Church in Nantong City divided the Sunday service into two gatherings, one to be held in the morning and another in the afternoon. Each service is limited to 50 people, not including the church support staff. Participants must register in advance until the service reaches full capacity.

With sporadic outbreaks and cluster inflections, the domestic pandemic situation has become severe as cold waves frequently hit the country and the Spring Festival approaches.

The church said that those who had the following conditions were not permitted to register: the elderly and weak, those with cold symptoms, cough, fever, or those without a Green Travel History Code. Those who are from medium-or high- risk areas or whose family members returned from such places can not make reservations either.

A church in Fuzhou, Fujian decided to hold online Bible study and prayer meetings on Wednesday night, youth gatherings on Saturday night, and Sunday worship services. On January 14 they received a notice from a higher-level government department that in-person gatherings with more than 50 people are prohibited.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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