Opinion: Churches Can Engage Communities With Comprehensive Health Care Services

Some healthy food on a table
Some healthy food on a table (photo: pexels.com)
By Steve Sun September 30th, 2022

One important ministry of the church is to serve others and bear witness to the gospel. A minister puts forward a point of view that the church could heal the bodies and minds of people in the community with affordable medical equipment and healthy agricultural products.

According to the National Health Commission on September 20, at the end of 2021, there were 267 million elderly people aged 60 and above in China, accounting for 18.9% of the total population. The effects of an aging population are increasing.

More and more aged people in the community show their physical health needs. Comprehensive health care services not only include medical equipment, but also healthy food, which can help open people's hearts. For example, by promoting agricultural products containing no pesticide residues and antibiotics, the church can turn this project into an industry, which can help witness the gospel.

If a church is professional in physical therapy, it is an effective way to evangelize in the future. For example, a female believer uses electrical, magnetic, and thermal medical equipment to cure the tumor or other diseases of the elderly, which builds trust and reputation in the community. With high-quality agricultural products, medical equipment, and traditional medicinal materials, we can form a company to do workplace evangelism, cooperating with the mission team.

Benefiting from health care services and healthy ingredients, adults and their families can believe in Jesus easily. Just like in the Middle East, if you help a family recover through wellness therapy, they might accept what you say.

One reason the church should enter the communities is that there are many people with great needs who can become Christians easily after receiving service and health care. Churches can focus on community services, like participating in elderly care services and taking care of seniors at home. By introducing advanced medical equipment, they can bring the concept and service of comprehensive health into the community.

The church should follow Jesus to teach, preach the gospel of the kingdom, and heal every disease and sickness. The best way for the church to care for people is to go into the community. One of the most direct ways to witness the gospel is to provide service to gain trust.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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