Four Theological Seminaries Release Admission Plans in 2023

Yanjing Theological Seminary
Yanjing Theological Seminary
By Livingstones ShiDecember 21st, 2022

Several theological seminaries issued admission guidelines for 2023, with detailed introductions to the academic system and curriculum, entry requirements, registration methods, and admission examinations.

According to Beijing Chongwenmen Church’s official WeChat account on December 13, Yanjing Theological Seminary will enroll freshmen from ten provinces, autonomous regions, and centrally administered municipalities in North China and Northwest China, who have served in the church for more than one year. Christians can apply for Bachelor programs in Theology or Double-path programs (integrating general education) with a registration period from December 5 to February 17, 2023 (subject to the date of the postmark).  

Yunnan Theological Seminary announced the 2023 autumn admissions brochure On December 9, recruiting freshmen between 18 and 45 years old for junior college (three-year system) from January to April 30, 2023. The exam will be held on May 17- 19, 2023.

Fujian Theological Seminary in southeast China released general rules for enrollment for 2023 on November 29th.

On November 21 East China Theological Seminary said it will enroll students majoring in sacred music from November 18 to May 5, 2023. One week later, the seminary said the period from November 24 to May 15, 2023, is the application time for theological students. It added that applicants must be recommended by CC&TSPMs in the province, city, or district.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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