Two Gen X Sisters Escape From Gambling Addiction, Cancer

A picture of two girls holding two bouquets of flowers
A picture of two girls holding two bouquets of flowers (photo:
By Christine Lau May 23rd, 2023

Recently, I came across the accounts of two sisters from the Generation X cohort. The elder sister, aged 71, and the younger (third) sister, aged 67, shared their testimonies of faith, which unfold as follows.

(I) The elder sister guided her younger sister in overcoming her gambling addiction.

The younger sister had previously struggled with a gambling addiction and frequently engaged in playing Mahjong. As the saying goes, "Nine out of ten bets result in loss." Every time she lost money, she would unleash her temper upon her husband. Due to her persistent gambling habits, their family never achieved financial prosperity.

However, since her conversion to Christianity, she has undergone a remarkable transformation. Initially, she was somewhat hesitant to attend church, questioning how the church and its members could accept her, given her status as a complete sinner.

One day, during a church visit, she heard a hymn that spoke of God's acceptance of sinners, and she couldn't help but shed tears. She thought, "Oh, it turns out that God would accept a sinner like me and love me." From that point forward, she began to believe in Jesus and gradually broke free from her gambling addiction.

(II) Her husband found solace in the Lord amidst the pain of the younger sister's mother's passing.

Over time, the younger sister recognized the value of her faith and began sharing the gospel with her husband. Initially, he showed no interest in Christianity and preferred studying the I Ching.

However, when her mother passed away, she experienced profound grief. In a compassionate gesture, her husband willingly accompanied her to church, seeking to provide comfort.

In this manner, her husband gradually encountered her faith and ultimately embraced Christianity. As a result, the younger sister gradually emerged from the anguish of losing her mother.

(III) The elder sister's husband unexpectedly found faith and peacefully passed away from terminal cancer.

The elder sister's husband was known for his filial piety towards his parents, his care for his siblings, and his exceptional work ethic. When the sisters shared the gospel with him, he consistently maintained that he did not require it, as he never felt remorse towards anyone.

Later, he fell gravely ill with terminal cancer. Nevertheless, he remained fearless and composed, meticulously organizing his funeral arrangements. Although the sisters fervently preached the gospel to him, he continued to resist it.

One day, as he lay in his room, bidding farewell to his wife and younger sister who stood outside, he suddenly glimpsed a figure clad in white standing by his bedside. Recognizing this figure as the Lord Jesus, he promptly arose from his bed and knelt down in reverence. When his wife and younger sister opened the door, they were astonished to find him in a kneeling position, unaware of what had transpired. However, upon hearing his account, they promptly inquired, "Would you like to be baptized?"

Consequently, he embraced Jesus, became a Christian, and before long, peacefully departed to join the Lord.

(IV) The elder sister experienced a miraculous improvement upon returning home after failed treatment for advanced cancer.

In March of this year, the elder sister fell seriously ill, diagnosed with terminal cancer. During her hospital stay, she frequently slipped into a state of unconsciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she tirelessly fulfilled her choir responsibilities or attended to funeral arrangements. During severe episodes of her illness, she would endure convulsions throughout her body, leading her younger sister to believe that her time was limited.

After enduring hospitalization for approximately one month, the elder sister persistently expressed her intent to return home, despite the medical practitioner's diminished optimism for her recovery. Consequently, the younger sister undertook the responsibility of bringing her sibling back home.

On the initial day following her homecoming, the elder sister remained bedridden, still comatose and reliant on supplemental oxygen. However, by the subsequent day, she exhibited the capability to assume a seated position, and on the third day, she regained the ability to partake in nourishment independently while seated in a wheelchair. On the fourth day, she was accompanied outdoors for a leisurely stroll by her younger sister. Over the ensuing days, her progress encompassed gradual unassisted mobility and the restoration of consciousness.

The younger sister bore witness to the palpable divine influence upon her elder sister's recovery, perceiving the omnipotent power of God at work.

As the elder sister experienced this illness and accepted the death that she might face, she shared with her fellow choir members that death should not be feared, as it is an inevitable facet of existence that all must confront. Moreover, she emphasized that for Christians, death does not signify an end; rather, it signifies the yearning to behold the countenance of the Lord and rest in his arms.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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