New Church Added in Inner Mongolia, “Life Well” Turns into “Salvation Well”

The Dedication
The Dedication (photo: China CCC&TSPM)
By Song LiminOctober 28th, 2015

A new church held a dedication ceremony in Baoertaolegai (the location where the No. 5 regiment of Inner Mongolia Production and Construction Corps lies), Dengkou County, Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia Province. Over two hundred church representatives from local churches of Bayan Nur came to attend the ceremony on Oct. 23.

"Baoertaolegai" in Mongolian means "barren land." Baoertaolegai sits in the western most part of Bayan Nur. It is located in the Wulanbuhe Desert, in the middle of the Hetao Plain and the western Gobi Desert. It has a sparse population with a few kilometers of desert. However, Baoertaolegai is a famous place for its the hinterland of Wulanbuhe Desert and is on the way to the Silk Way. There is a site of "life well" where the business caravans would definitely stay and rest while getting enough water so that they could pass the vast desert. Nowadays, in this remote desert town, God has created  a miracle in the place of "life well."

Early in 1994, the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached here. After twenty years of effort, there are already 57 Christians who are scattered in the area of 500 square kilometers. In 2013, being zealous, they picked stones and old bricks during the slack season. In 2014 they started to build the church with 137 square meters. This year they decorated the church "luxuriously" together, offering the new holy temple’s inside and outside to God.

After learning the history, all the Christians blessed this church, "May the glory of the temple be larger than before, may the called 'the source of living water' irrigate the desert like a drought needing water, may the Lord add to the number daily those who are being saved. Amen!"

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