New Church Dedicated in Shenyang

Erniusuokou Church
Erniusuokou Church (photo: Brother Sun Wenqing)
By Josiah LiMay 20th, 2016

Shenyang's newest church located in the Kangping County - Eriusuokou Church - has officially been dedicated on May 17 with 30 pastors and 1000 believers in attendance for its dedication ceremony.

The dedication ceremony was divided into several parts: worship and praise, sermon, pastoral blessing, sending of the "key" and the sprinkling of Holy water.

According to one of the Church elders, the Christians in the area mostly practice their faith while gathering in one believer's family home in July 2000. From 40 believers, the congregation grew to the point it is they had to build a church that would fit them. At first, the chapel they built was only good for 200 people and cater to 14 villages with a population of 19,000.

However, the Church decided that it is time to build a larger chapel when their parishioners reached up to 300 attendants in their Sunday services. The new church was officially completed within the half of a year after the June 18, 2015 foundation laying ceremony. The entire construction cost approximately around 2.8 million yuan.

According to the elder, the church took part in a three-day fasting campaign and two three-day partial fastings with one week to pray for the ownership of the land and fundraising throughout the construction period. 

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