Church Voluntary Team Serves Seniors on Father’s Day

The volunteers cut the hair of seniors
The volunteers cut the hair of seniors (photo: Yongzhou Volunteer Society )
By Grace ZhiJune 21st, 2016

For Father's Day on Sunday, a team of 30 Christian volunteers from Lengshuitan, Yongzhou served the seniors in a county home for the aged, distributing new clothes and daily necessities for these seniors.

The volunteers also used their talents to cut the seniors' hair, sing them hymns, chat and share food with them.  Besides these activities, they prepared dumplings and other dishes for the noon meal.

"Love surpasses family love and blood relation. Everyone loves each other to make the whole world full of love."

Built in 2009, Youngzhou Volunteer Society was officially founded in February 2014. Currently, it has more than 4000 volunteers, consisting of 25 team volunteers, including the Lengshuitan Christian voluntary team and over 3000 additional volunteers in 8 county branches.

The team said that they want to take care of the needed with Jesus' love. The group began to provide elderly care this March as part of their vocation.

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