New Church to Be Dedicated in October in Fujian

The aerial view of the new church of Beimen Church in Fujian
The aerial view of the new church of Beimen Church in Fujian (photo: CCD File Photo)
By Grace ZhiAugust 10th, 2017

Beimen Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian, will hold the 14th anniversary and completion ceremony of its new church on October 6, 2017. A retreat will be conducted on the following two days.

In September 2010, construction crews broke ground on the new church. It can accommodate 5,000 people with a floor area of 10,594 square meters.

The facade of the church's main body is in the shape of the Chinese character "ren" (or "people" in English), showing that men need to seek God and salvation on the cross. The building resembles a crown from above, reminding people that "life is limited while the crown lasts forever."

The church originates from a gathering founded in a glass factory on Easter of 2001. The gathering had about 30 believers at that time. With the rise in the number of the congregation, six warehouses were purchased and reconstructed into a church building in 42 days. The Sunday attendance increased to over 300.

In May 2009, the local government ordered that the church should be relocated to the city's public greenbelts. One month later, the church rented a factory as a transitional gathering place with four pastoral staff, a volunteer preacher, and two theological undergraduates. It also had more than 400 volunteers for ministries and over 2,000 members.  

-Translated by Karen Luo

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