Christians Across China United in Rescuing, Praying for Zhuozhou Flood Victims

A flood rescue was underway in Zhuozhou, Baoding, Hebei, in early August, 2023.
A flood rescue was underway in Zhuozhou, Baoding, Hebei, in early August, 2023. (photo: Amity Foundation)
By Sophia Liu, Ruth WangAugust 22nd, 2023

In August, there were a number of disasters caused by typhoons, among which the flooding in Zhuozhou, Hebei is the most in need of prayer, so many Christians have started intercessory watches.

Some believers who experienced the flooding sent breakfast and boiled water to those in need within their reach.

Sister Z, who also suffered from the flood, shared that she was very close to the rescue team when the flood came. When she saw a dozen rescue boats, she asked the rescuers what they needed. They said they needed supplies—crackers, water, and instant noodles. "I said to them, how are you going to eat instant noodles if they are dry?" So she boiled some water and sent it over, and she also bought them breakfast. They felt underserving of her kindness, then one brother said, "I am a Christian, and I want to help you because you are helping us.

Later, when the flood had almost receded, the silt and mud were 50 centimeters thick in places that were particularly deep, which was up to the knees. A sister went to the site every day and gave them buns. "I didn't know how to help the victims, but God touched me and gave me a vision to mobilize other brothers and sisters to make dumplings and send them over." Later, they also distributed supplies and meals to the people being resettled. She shared, "As we rebuild our hometown after the flood, we hope to offer help according to our strength for whatever is needed."

There were also local churches that provided meals to neighbors, both believers and non-believers, after the floods receded.

An elder in Guangdong said in an appeal, "Although the floodwaters have receded slightly, post-disaster reconstruction has just begun. There is still a long way to go, and more people are needed to participate."

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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