500 elderly Christians Celebrate Double Ninth Festival in Yichun Jesus Church

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By Yang YiOctober 26th, 2015

On Oct. 21, about 500 elderly Christians celebrated Double Ninth Festival in Yichun Jesus Church. Pastor Yi Zaizhong preached the sermon in the title “How to Live an elder life”.

According to Yichun Jesus Church's official website, the Christians performed various programs to praise God's grace. The church sent cups printed with Bible verses to every brother and sister who joined in the activity.

Yichun Jesus Church, located in Yichun, has a history of one hundred years. In 1904, British Pastor Luo Jishi, sent by China Inland Mission, came to Yichun. After years he built the big chapel and small chapel, foreign pastoral building and China's pastoral staff residential building and Yichun Jesus Church with a total construction area of 3000 meters. According to incomplete statistics, Yuanzhou District of Yichun has more than 120 fellowships and over 10,000 believers. The congregation's number on Sundays is over 700.

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