China ranks the No.1 place of Origin of international Students, with great potential to be preached

Open Doors Data Tables
Open Doors Data Tables
By Alice WangJanuary 12th, 2016

“Top Ten Places Of Origin Of International Students”, released by Open Doors, states that 58% of international students come from China, India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, among which China ranks No.1 with 31%. It means great opportunity for Christian Churches to serve and convert them, claimed by a scholar who used to learn Chinese in China.

It’s indicated by The Institute of International Education that Foreign Policy researchers determined exactly where the Chinese students are, according to F-1 visas. And Below is the Top Ten universities Chinese Students are:

#1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
#2 University of Southern California
#3 Perdue University
#4 Northeastern University
#5 Columbia University
#6 Michigan State University
#7 Ohio State University
#8 University of California, Los Angeles
#9 Indiana University
#10 University of California at Berkeley

In the 1980s, followed the launch of the Reform and Opening Policy by Deng Xiaoping, the Government began sending students to study in America. A scholar who once studied in China claims that these students are immersing themselves in science, technology etc. Also many of them are encountering the gospel and becoming Christians. 

View the top ten universities as reference, there are voices that encourage preachers, fellowship or Christian Churches to take this opportunity to serve them.

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