Pastor: Christians Should Have “Citizenship Consciousness”

Shepherd Retreat
Shepherd Retreat (photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
By Yi YangMay 18th, 2017

"Christians should have citizenship consciousness and bear family, work and social responsibility." A pastor emphasized in a recent retreat for preachers of Kunshan, Jiangsu.

Ten preachers from the church of Kunshan shared their points in a keynote discussion entitled "Christian Responsibility of the Times and Social Service."

Christians should undertake family responsibility and be light and salt in the society. They should keep the Great Commandment in mind in the new era: reaching people with flexible approaches.

"Christians should have a citizen consciousness in society," claimed Rev. Wen Xingui, the head of Kunshan CCC & TSPM, "Christian social service refers to testimonies through deeds and should explore new ways that don't violate the law and regulations."

The pastor tells CCD about the three main ministries in the church of Kunshan:

1. Team construction.

The church of Kunshan has conducted retreats which exclusively aim to cultivate preachers and improve their service level for more than ten consecutive years, holding the philosophy that professionals should handle professional affairs. It believes that the church co-workers should do nurturing work alone and social service work should be carried out by professionals.

2. Social service.

The church set up the Shang'ai Public Welfare Service Center of Dianshanhu in 2016, which is supposed to offer help to those in need. Earlier, some workers from the center participated in an elderly care training program initiated by Nanjing Rengu Care & Attention Home to improve their professional service. Besides, the church plans to hold activities on hospice care, through which the dying people can be comforted.

3. Cultural development.

Some church construction in the city is designed with local elements, for example, Zhouzhuang Church with a water-town style. In addition, it cooperates with some local calligraphers.

Translated by Karen Luo

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