Here's How To Stay Positive and Avoid Negativity in Life According to Taylor Swift of China, G.E.M.

G.E.M (photo: G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 Official Facebook)
By M. GraceOctober 24th, 2017

The Taylor Swift of China, Glorian Tang Tsz-kei or better known by her stage name G.E.M. has been reported to be receiving the warmest and also the nastiest comments for a few years now.

Cyberbullying might be so mean, especially when there are more than 80,000 nasty comments about you but for the 26-year-old Chinese Christian singer, that is life.

For the past eight years, G.E.M has been recognized as the Hong Kong's top-selling female artist and for the past two years, has been recognized as the top-selling female artist in mainland China.

It can be recalled that G.E.M. released this year a documentary titled "G-Force," which documents her life journey in music and how she struggle to get her fame. Despite her success, G.E.M. revealed that she has a hard time dealing with the media, she also added that she knows what it is like to read the nastiest comments about herself online.

 "I watched a movie, "The Passion." It talks about the painful journey Jesus took to his death - he was innocent but still found guilty and crucified," said G.E.M.. She said that she could really relate to the themes of is understanding and criticism.

"I asked myself, are my problems really big? I felt like I had been reborn. That day, I wrote a new song, "Heartbeat." I started to live from a new perspective. I decided I wouldn't let my future be affected by the hurt from my past," she said.

G.E.M. also shared to the media about how to stay positive despite the negative things in life and encouraged others to not let the negativity bring them down.

"Aeroplanes can only fly high when they are going against the wind. When you encounter adversity, please do not take it as an attack but a stepping stone which makes you fly higher and be stronger," she said.

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