Taiwan Pastor Preaches in Chongqing: Church Revival Comes not by Waiting but through Fighting for Life

Pastor Wei Tixiang
Pastor Wei Tixiang (photo: CCD File Photo)

Rev. Wei Tixiang, president of the Chinese Christian Cross-Strait Corporate Exchange Association, conveyed a message that church revival didn't come by waiting, but through fighting for life, at the two-day exchange meeting held with the Chongqing CCC&TSPM on May 21 and 22, 2018.

Rev. Wei shared the church development in Taiwan, the current situation of the Taiwanese church in the recent decade, and its social service, which inspired the Chongqing pastoral staff. He said that the today's accomplishments of the Taiwanese church came from the fights by all the pastors and believers in Taiwan by dependence on God.

The pastor urged the church to open its door to feed the Lord's sheep. In this new era, the church should enter into the society and encourage excellent people to serve God and seek the Holy Spirit and the truth. Church pastors should be good at "borrowing vessels" that determined the volumes of grace and blessings they could receive.

"As church leaders, we are no great things. It's our God who is great and values us. Our responsibility is to be wise masterbuilders who have managers' leadership, coordinators'  concept of cost, and know the clear direction decision-makers should have. Then we can be good stewards of God who faithfully serve the Lord throughout our lives instead of for a while." Rev. Wei added.

In addition, he stressed that pastors should abstain from fame, wealth, and sex in their ministries. They should discipline themselves as God's servants, be hardworking,  uncomplaining, and totally obedient.

On May 23, Rev. Wei visited Jiangbei Church in Chongqing. The second day, the pastor communicated with all the faculties and students of Chongqing Bible School.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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