Chongqing Church Holds First Reading Workshop

"The first reading workshop (2019) of Chongqing's Shengai Protestant Church" was opened on May 29, 2019.
"The first reading workshop (2019) of Chongqing's Shengai Protestant Church" was opened on May 29, 2019. (photo: Chongqing Sheng'ai Church)
By Anthony LeeJune 12th, 2019

"The first reading workshop (2019) of Chongqing's Sheng'ai Protestant Church" was opened on May 29, 2019 in the church. Supported by the church pastors, the reading worskshop aims to "cultivate reading habits, edify the culture of Christ, grasp the life of faith, and spread the seeds of wisdom."

According to the church, a total of 16 brothers and sisters submitted their reading experiences to this year's book club, and eventually eight brothers and sisters from the church went on to the stage to share. The first book to share was, The History of Christianity, recommended by Brother Lu Weigang. Through his speech it was learned that critical thinking should be always maintained. Such thinking brought great benefit to the growth of Christians.

The second speaker was Sister Xie Juan who shared with the audience about the book, The Second Half of Life. From the two stages of her life to the two stages of her spiritual life, she shared her personal understanding of the book. Her session was filled with spontaneous and friendly interactions and the atmosphere was very relaxing and joyful. In addition, other books that were shared included Live the life that pleases God, Walking in Love, Confessions, The World of Sunshine above the Clouds,  and The Biography of Mother Teresa. The last session was presented by 76-year-old Brother Liu Dihua, who shared about the book, Steady Walk at Heights. Brother Liu Dihua expressed his comprehension of the book In the form of poetry .

Eventually, six brothers and sisters won the first, second and third prizes. The remaining ten were given the Excellence Award. At the closing, Pastor Xu made a summary of the reading and sharing conference and hoped that the brothers and sisters of the church could form good reading habits and be armed with knowledge.

-Translated by Jake




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