Hundreds of Christian Singers Chant Together: “Wuhan, You’re Not Alone”

The cover of "Wuhan, You Are Not Alone", released by CCM
The cover of "Wuhan, You Are Not Alone", released by CCM (photo: CCM)
By Ruth WangFebruary 10th, 2020

Since the outbreak in Wuhan, people from all walks of life around the world have helped and cared a lot. CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), a union of Christian musicians, recorded the song "Stay with You", involving hundreds of singers in different regions, to bless Wuhan and China.

Here are the lyrics:

At just that moment,

You may feel lonely,

But love and warmth won't stop when facing the virus,

Care is pouring in from families,

Calling from our hearts,

Your dedication makes the Spring feel closer,

Life is full of tests,

Troubles come along,

But we're safe under your shelter,

We are together,

We are connected,

The sunshine's brighter after the storm,

Wuhan, you're not alone,

Our love surrounds,

The darkness won't be forever,

The dawn will come,

We move forward against the storm,

Wuhan, you're not alone,

We join hands and go through the difficulties,

The haze won't blur the vision,

The rainbow is visibly waiting on the horizon,

We'll meet again when the flowers bloom.


-Translated by Sophia Chen

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