Chengdu Church Donates for Fighting against the Epidemic

Chengdu Gospel Light Church gave donations for the local coronavirus control in February 2020.
Chengdu Gospel Light Church gave donations for the local coronavirus control in February 2020. (photo: Chengdu Gospel Light Church)
By Mark Cui April 2nd, 2020

When the "new crown pneumonia" epidemic began to spread in our country and the message of Wuhan's closure came, Chengdu Gospel Light Church in Sichuan blessed the motherland with prayers, and also gave witness to our faith with positive actions.

Donation information was released on January 26, 2020, encouraging brothers and sisters in the church to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, according to the church. As of February 19, the church received 96 donations totaling over RMB 135,000, and the church committee decided that all donations would be donated to the Chengdu Patriotic Association to purchase scarce supplies for front-line response to the epidemic.

Rev. Zhao Gang personally undertook the pprocurement of anti-epidemic materials for the Christian community in the city. The church purchased materials worth more than 800,000 yuan from Germany, Canada and other countries and regions, including 2,098 pieces of medical protective clothing and 22,250 N95 masks for medical workers. Three-hundred medical goggles were donated to 21 top tier hospitals, including the West China Hospital, to support these hospitals in their efforts to assist the Wuhan area.

Subsequently, the church received a further donation of 4,310 yuan. The church decided to purchase another 20,000 disposable medical surgical masks, and donated 10,000 of them to Zhonghe, Shiyang and other local offices, police stations, Sichuan Theological Seminary, and brothers and sisters without masks who returning to Rong (Chengdu) and resuming work. The remaining 10,000 masks will be given to brothers and sisters without masks when they again begin attending worship and the church is open.

- Translated by Abigail Wu 

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