Xiamen Church Launches Reopening Plan

Xiamen Xinjie Church, Fujian Province
Xiamen Xinjie Church, Fujian Province (photo: Provided by Ye Lan)
By Karen LuoMay 18th, 2020

On May 13, 2020, Xiamen Xinjie Church in Fujian launched the reopening plan. 

The plan says that from the day when the government announces the reopening date, the church will be closed for another way to avoid any change, according to its official news. 

Known as "the First Holy Church of China", the church was originally built by an American named Pohlman in 1848 after he had collected $3000 from America. The new Romanesque church of today with a plaque inscribed with the Chinese words, "The First Christian Church of China" and "The Place Where Jehovah Resides" began to be built in 1933 and was completed in 1935.

When it is reopened, people must wear masks and have temperature tested to join in Sunday worship, weekly gatherings, and choir rehearsal. 

For weekly meetings, pastors and group leaders will do the test work. If the temperature reaches above 37.3 degrees, that person must not enter. He or she will be advised to seek treatment in a fever clinic. 

If any member does not recover from a cold for three or more days, he or she will be forbidden to attend the church. That person should rest at home and do daily devotions including prayers. 

Believers will be encouraged to tell the staff the names of any sick Christian. 

In the church, participants should avoid long talks as the pandemic will then be in the final phase. After every service, disinfection workers will sterilize the sanctuary and side hall. After each weekly service, church workers will use sterilizers to disinfect meeting facilities. 

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