Christian Actress Vivian Chow Attends 70th Anniv. Celebration of Alma Mater Church Kindergarten

Christian celebrity Vivian Chow visited her alma mater St. Stephen's Church Kindergarten which marks the 70th anniversary this year in early December 2020.
Christian celebrity Vivian Chow visited her alma mater St. Stephen's Church Kindergarten which marks the 70th anniversary this year in early December 2020. (photo: Vivian Chow )
By Phoebe Zhou December 24th, 2020

“This year is the 70th anniversary of my alma mater, St. Stephen's Church Kindergarten. I was very honored to accept the invitation of Principal Yin to do an interview and have it published in a special issue of the school journal. The interview reminded me of many coming-of-age stories. I am sharing it with everyone with a thankful heart,” said Christian actress Vivian Chow on December 8.

In the interview released on China's Twitter Weibo, Vivian said with gratitude: "It is really rare that a kindergarten is able to keep running for 70 years, and it is a blessing from God."

The Hong Kong celebrity grew up in a church school. Deeply impressed by the church and influenced by the school, from a young age she developed the habit of praying to our Heavenly Father whenever she was in trouble. In 2009 she formally believed in the Lord. With God’s guidance, she finally understood that all she owns is bestowed by God and the Lord is always with her no matter the ups and downs. 

Vivian deeply believes that God has given her gifts (singing, painting, acting, attracting audiences) for a reason. She believes that it was God’s will to let her continue to have a position when she returned to the entertainment industry. She hopes to use her influence to contribute to building unity within society. She prays for God's leadership every day and arranges to share the gospel during her concerts and the tour she was on the year before last. She hopes to testify for God and spread her love."

Some fans comment, "Sister, you were so cute when you were young. This is a very meaningful interview. Thank you for sharing❤️ with us."

"What a happy childhood! A blessed person uses one’s childhood to bring healing for the rest of life, and an unfortunate person uses life to heal one’s childhood. There is no doubt that I'm blessed!"

The alumni interview writes: Ms. Chou’s favorite things to do in kindergarten must be singing and painting. She was promoted to St Stephen's Primary School after graduating from kindergarten. Ms. Chou was the soprano of the Choir of St. Stephen's Church High School. She also participated in inter-school music competitions every year and won awards for solo and group when she was in the fifth grade.

The St. Stephen’s Church Kindergarten gave Ms. Chou a variety of opportunities to practice singing, acting, dancing, painting, and other skills. This gave her the opportunity to develop her personal interests and sowed the seed for her future acting career. Her experience in middle school inspired her creative music potential, leading to her future career path. In 1986, she started her acting career and also worked in broadcasting. Nowadays she has become an internationally renowned and outstanding actress.

-Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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