Christian Singer Sammi Cheng Pays Tribute to Her Father Who Died Last Month

Sammi Cheng and her father
Sammi Cheng and her father (photo: Sammi Cheng)
By Phoebe Zhou January 5th, 2021

Christian singer Sammi Cheng wrote on China's Twitter Weibo that her beloved father died of illness early last week.

Since her father was a Christian, she said on December 21 that the family held a funeral in a church.

In the past two months, Sammi lost her dog Lucky and her father. Painful things happened one after another. After crying and feeling the pain of her loss, she told herself that she needed a fresh start.

On social media, Sammi shared the details about her father’s funeral. By reading between the lines her fans could see the love she had for her father.  She believes that her father's love will stay with her forever.

Her fans gave the following comforting comments:

"Take care. No matter what time and space your dad is in, he will always love you. You need to believe this and move on. Live well and be happy, little Mi."

"You have to take good care of yourself, and live a good life. This is what your father wants for you. And remember we will always be behind you."

"You will see each other in heaven one day, so you should continue to live happily. Your father will bless you and he will be glad for your happiness. Every beautiful thing in life deserves a good ending."

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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