First Charitable Fund Initiated by Christianity in Nanjing

The Heavenly Dew Fund donates to Fu'ning
The Heavenly Dew Fund donates to Fu'ning (photo: Jiangsu Ethnic and Religion Committee)
By Yi YangAugust 10th, 2016

The "Heavenly Dew Fund", which is attached to the Nanjing Catholic Ark Charity Foundation, has been co-initiated by Nanjing CCC&TSPM, the Nanjing Patriotic Catholic Association, CCC&TSPM and YMCA as well as YWCA. The purpose of the fund is to carry out charitable activities for disaster rescue, aiding the poor and ailing students as noted by the Jiangsu Ethnic and Religious Committee. 

Rev. Li Lancheng, the chairman of Nanjing CCC&TSPM, introduced that "heavenly dew" also denotes the blessing from Christ to men. He adds that the Nanjing Catholic Foundation that has been engaged in caring the children with autism has found out that there are many kids suffering from uremia and renal failure in the country.

Considering the annual funding gap which exceeds to ten million yuan, the foundation cooperates with the city's children's hospital to help them.

Meanwhile, the local CCC&TSPM that promotes projects including social service and charity also joined in helping the children with kidney's disease in Nanjing.  

As a result, the three organization in the Christian and Catholic world set up the fund.

The newly established fund donated 300,000 yuan to Fu'ning TSPM to help it reconstruct the churches ruined by the flood on July 29. 

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