Testimony: Preacher Experiences Two 'Sentenced' Death

The author and his wife
The author and his wife (photo: CCD Contributor: Tianxin Wu )
By CCD Contributor: Tianxin Wu August 23rd, 2016

My mother became a Christian when I studied in a primary school in Henan. At that time, I was a bit ignorant about the faith of the cross.

She was really zealous in her initial conversion and dedicated me to God by chance and to be a preacher. Even if she knew that believing Jesus could bring good blessings and eternity, she was unaware of what a preacher really is.

The first "death sentence"

I experienced the darkest and most painful year of my life at the age of 14.

I had a fever one evening during the winter vacation, but I thought that it was just a cold. I slept after having a fever abating tablet. However, I felt uncomfortable at three in the morning and sat up on the bed. Almost immediately, I vomited blood.

At dawn, my parents took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with ascites due to cirrhosis. My parents could not accept the result, fearing of losing me. I knew nothing about this.

Then, I went into treatment for more than half a year and I took a lot of traditional Chinese medicine. After the treatment, I felt recovered and wanted to return to the school. But, reality struck back.

The same tragedy happened again at the same time after six months. I lost great amounts of blood from my lungs. The doctor said I suffered severely than the last time and I had only one year to live at most.

This began my hospitalization period, during which I had daily injections and medicine that prolonged my life. In addition, the doctor got the fluid out of my stomach. I was in such pain that I saw death as my only hope. Later, I waited for death to take me at home. 

My mother took me to the church, asking for God's help and invited many believers to pray for me. One day, she suddenly remembered that she made a vow that she decided for me to God many years ago. She talked about it with me, encouraging me to study theology.

So I went to study in the theological training program of Shuangqiu for half a year and advanced in Henan Bible School for another two years. After graduation, I began to serve the church in my hometown in 2007.

It was God's grace that gave me several years more despite the doctor's "death sentence".

The second round of "death sentence"

I never imagined that I could enter into marriage due to my severe illness.  

But God said that he would have mercy on whom he would have mercy and have compassion on whom he would have compassion to.  No mind has conceived what he prepared for those who love him. In 2007 I met my future wife, a seminary graduate, in the church. Her father is also a preacher and her mother loves God. 

One year later, we got married and we were both admitted to Zhong Nan Theological Seminary in Hubei.

The following year, I experienced the power of God the second time. When I was in the second year of studying, I looked pale and haggard on Christmas. My wife and I went to hospital and the doctor suggested immediate hospitalization for any wound might kill me.

Lacking of enough money, we had to return home. Then, we went to a larger hospital and I had a check-up. I was not told what disease I had until some years later when my wife shared that I was "sentenced" to death with only several months left while she was really bitter.

She accompanied me all the time with continuous prayers for me. She witnessed that the voice of God said, "this sickness will not end in death and it is for God's glory". Then we made a decision: put our trust in God and refuse to be hospitalized or get the treatment.

I didn't take any injections or a pill. I live until today by God's grace. My response to the heavenly father is to serve him at my best throughout my entire life. Glory to God again!

We graduated from the seminary in 2012 and we stayed in the church of Heshan, Guangdong in August of that same year.

I have a happy family with a wife who loves God and I along with two daughters. Moreover, our parents supports our service. All the things come from His grace and blessings. Take refuge in God for he will bring you peace transcending all understanding and eternal hope. 

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